Commonsense Sustainability Solutions deliver high quality personalised advice and education that supports consumers, businesses, government and organisations to make more informed choices and improve their sustainability.

Services may range from general advice on where to start the journey for a house extension, or advice about a new house build, or more detailed explanations and assistance about final house plans, detailed finishes selection and appliance choice.

The services offered by Commonsense Sustainability Solutions are as follows:

0.Initial Sustainability Advice This 2 hour meeting with an energy rating expert will provide you with a base level of advice to identify the best ‘next steps’ for your specific project. Our aim is that this will be the only service you will need from Commonsense Sustainability Solutions. Depending on your specific project, advice at this meeting could include how to make your home more energy efficient, some design solution ideas and/or who you should follow-up with to progress your project.
1.Initial Sustainability ReportFollowing the Initial Sustainability Advice meeting, a Report can be provided that captures all the discussions and provides customised links for further information.
2.Detailed Sustainability
Based on the outcomes of the Initial Sustainability Advice, if further work is required from Commonsense Sustainability Solutions, a quote to deliver the ‘next steps’ will be provided. This could include design concepts ready for a draftsperson to complete and/or detailed energy efficiency advice and/or advice about sustainable product selection.
3.Sustainability EducationCustomised sustainability presentations and resource materials for individuals, groups or businesses
4.Sustainability CoachingCustomised coaching to achieve a sustainable lifestyle in all areas of your life.