Floor Plan

The Energy Efficient Demonstration Home used the Your Home Design for Place ‘Banksia’ house plan as the starting point for its design.

The Energy Efficient Demonstration Home floor plan is not copyrighted. It can be downloaded and modified as needed to suit the particular house block and Council requirements.

Floor Plan of the Energy Efficient Demonstration Home

Key changes made to the Energy Efficient Demonstration Home Floor Plan (above) compared to the original ‘Banksia’ Floor Plan were:

  • Reduced length and width of the home to fit on the block, which included reducing the size of the hallway and moving the laundry.
  • Enlarged the media room to the south and included a large door, so it can operate as a multi-use space with the living room, become a separate sitting room, or be a closed off study or bedroom.
  • Changed the layout and size of the walk in robe and ensuite to enlarge the media room.
  • Moved the bath from the ensuite to the main bathroom.
  • Changed the layout of the main bathroom and toilet so the toilet and a basin could be separate from the bathroom, allowing multiple people to be using the facilities at the same time.
  • Created a separate study area.
  • Moved the laundry into the garage to give more space to the bathroom and toilet area and reduce the overall length of the building.
  • Enlarged the garage.
  • Created a seat and shoe area at the front door.
  • Made Bedroom 1 ceiling flat to save costs.
  • Reduced the window sizes and removed the clerestory windows in Bedroom 1 to save costs. Note that by reducing this glazing the energy rating actually drops as it is all north facing and therefore a benefit during winter but you gain a space for your curtains to gather and costs are reduced.
  • Made adjustments to the façades, including removing the brick wall to the south, to save costs.

Download the detailed Energy Efficient Demonstration Home Floor Plan