As at the end of January 2023, there have been 900 people who have visited the Energy Efficient Demonstration Home. This number captures people who visited as part of the first SEE Change tour on Sunday 29 May 2022, those who visited each weekend through June as part of the soft-launch process, those who have visited mid-week and those who have visited following the official Grand Opening, which was held on Sunday 7 August 2022.

These visitors have come from a range of places, as seen in the map below. If you click on one of the postcode points, it will tell you how many people have visited from that postcode.

Note: The data used for this map has only captured a sub-set of visitors and does not reflect all visitors to the home.

Note: The data used for this chart has only captured a sub-set of visitors and does not reflect all visitors to the home.

Here are some of the responses of what visitors have liked most about the home and tour:

  • Very clear descriptions of the features of the house through the display in the garage, the signs, and the commentary.
  • Really appreciated the frank, honest, lived experience and expertise. Like talking with very knowledgeable friends. The capstone was experiencing what all the theory can accomplish – your home felt so liveable! Congratulations, and thank you!
  • Experiencing a sustainable ‘normal’ home.
  • It was very helpful seeing the ‘cart’ and hearing about the important things you can’t see e.g. insulation, pressure tape, cross section of the windows. Experiencing the comfort of the home and the temperature tracking was really helpful having seen plans on paper previously. The time taken to explain things and answer questions was very generous- thank you.
  • Experiencing the concrete floors thermal mass in action. I am now convinced that I don’t need underfloor heating in north facing slab.
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  • Very informative tour guides (Jodie and Paul). Being able to see samples and demonstrations of materials and construction methods. Being able to speak directly with the build team. Freedom to move around and explore the house on your own. Presentation (info cards were useful guides).
  • Getting to see features I read lots about but had never experienced in person. It’s very persuasive when you can feel/see/sense for yourself. And getting to ask questions – you [Jodie and Paul] were both so generous with your time. Thank you!
  • Seeing energy efficient solutions in practice, and being able to talk to the people who built the house.
  • Clearly explained the intention of the build and the decisions taken that then shaped the design and features.
  • Real life building sealing examples and driveway.
  • Paul and Jodie were very approachable. To be able to hear the experience of people who actually live in the home was reassuring. Since doing the tour I now have more questions so I will be returning for another visit.
  • Honest answers, information provided. Not being sold something.
  • The method by which you explained everything and also the order in which you ran the tour.
  • I liked the whole tour. I thought the notes on each room were very helpful and found the information given by Paul and Jodie in-depth and really helpful.
  • The trailer was fantastic explaining wrapping etc. and the ability to ask lots of questions.
  • Everything really, it was great to be able to see energy saving practices demonstrated but to nominate a few highlights,
    – the welcoming hosts who were generous with their knowledge and what they had learned.
    – the demonstration of the insulation installation and the simple careful ways that greater results can be achieved.
    – the helpful tips about pitfalls of spending significant $ on upgrading older homes with e.g. double glazed windows.
    – the geotech lawn, and weathertex cladding.
    – the lovely flooring using both part burnished concrete and timber and the warmth achieved with that.
    – beautiful living area and natural fibre curtains.
  • The interaction with Paul and Jodie, who explained the choices they made from both and environmental and cost perspective.
  • Ideas that I could copy and retrofit for my own house, information about sources/suppliers (windows, curtains, flooring, kitchen), the feel of the house, the info given on the tour, your patience with questions, hope for the future of building!
  • Jodie and Paul spoke clearly and explained all aspects of the build in a professional friendly manner. They took time to address issues that arose and tailored their responses to meet the needs of the group. We were very impressed with their presentation and I think many people that get paid to give presentations could learn from observing Paul and Jodie in action.
  • Experiencing the house in winter on a sunny day. And the knowledgeable guides.
  • What a fabulous tour. We learnt so much about building a sustainable home and have come away with so many ideas that we can implement in our own homes. Of particular note was the personalised attention given to us by Paul and Jodie. This enabled us to ask questions relevant to our current situation. The answers were so clear and well researched.
  • EER information and ideas to improve efficiency, as much less information is available on one platform.
  • Discussion about the importance of sealing gaps, the logic of having thermal mass in the building, and info about build cost and becoming an owner builder to project manage all the trades.
  • I’ve been to quite a few open houses and sustainable house days but this was one of the better ones. Was good that is was pitched at owners with an eye on the budget, rather than some other’s I’ve seen that seem to spare no expense. The format was great – 10 min intro, the discussion in open plan area, then the wander at our own pace, and the recap & questions session at the end.

Note: Feedback has also been received on how the tours or information can be improved, and the tours, information and website have been adjusted accordingly.