This page lists both the media releases of Commonsense Sustainability Solutions and where we have appeared in the media.

Commonsense Sustainability Solutions media release: ‘Free Home Buyers Guide Saves Time and Money’ – August 2019

The Owner Builder: Your New Home Buyer’s Guide – October/November 2019

Commonsense Sustainability Solutions media release: ‘Energy Efficient Demonstration Home – Open for Tours’ – 7 August 2022

ABC news ACT: ‘Canberra Couple open doors to their energy efficient home’ – 7 August 2022

Canberra Weekly: ‘ACT Ministers open energy efficient home in Ginninderry’ – 7 August 2022

RiotAct: ‘Demo home reveals simple energy-efficient solutions for all new builds’ – 8 August 2022

Ginninderry website: Canberra’s most sustainable demonstration home opens its doors – 10 August 2022

Canberra Weekly Magazine: ‘Bevy of politicians open unique Ginninderry Home’ – 11 August 2022

Canberra Weekly Magazine: ‘Canberra Sustainable Home: The Banksia’ – 18 August 2022

Canberra Weekly: Canberra Sustainable Home: The Banksia – 22 August 2022

Canberra Times Letter to the Editor: Energy Efficiency – 5 September 2022

ABC Canberra Radio: Drive – 6 September 2022 (from 16:35 mins to 27.20 mins)

ABC Canberra news: Update to National Construction Code – 6 September 2022 (from 12:28 mins to 14:36)

ABC news: Energy efficiency requirements for new homes will rise in October next year, but building a 7-star home doesn’t have to break the bank – 7 September 2022

The Urban Developer: Aim For The Stars-Developers Pivot To Meet Construction Code – 12 September 2022

Canberra Times: Canberrans could save almost $1900 on power bills by switching off gas – 13 October 2022

Ginninderry Inspire Magazine: Make your home more sustainable this summer – 21 December 2022