Frequently asked questions

How much did the home cost to build?

Custom home builders quoted in 2019 the home would cost around $450,000 to build. As this was owner built, it cost considerably less.

How much more did the windows cost compared to standard windows?

The thermally broken aluminum windows cost more than double the cost of un-thermally broken double-glazed windows.

Did you consider other window types, such as PVC frames?

Yes, we considered PVC window frames as their price is competitive with un-thermally broken aluminum. We chose not to progress with PVC, as currently there is no way in Australia they can be recycled at end of life or off-cuts recycled during manufacture (this is available at some locations overseas). We also considered timber frames and composite frames (aluminum on the outside and timber on the inside), but full timber require a fair amount of maintenance and the composite were a similar price to what we got.

Does putting triple glazing on a few windows like you did make a difference?

We put triple glazing on a few windows to be able to show people how thick triple glazing units are. Whilst triple glazed windows with a thermally efficient frame would make a difference if installed, and they will make a difference in the room we put it in as this was designed as a ‘cool room’ (to stay cool in summer if the power goes out), it is not efficient to select just a few windows to do this on.

Can I use this design if my block doesn’t face north along the long side?

No, if north is to the short side of your block, you will need to consider a different design, such as a modified version of the Your Home ‘Acacia’ House Design.

Can I use your floor plan?

Yes, but you will need to ensure it abides with your local Council requirements and it fits on your block with the required setbacks. Some adjustments may be needed. You can also refer to the Your Home House Designs for different façade and elevation options.

Is the floor polished concrete?

No it is burnished. The difference between a burnished concrete floor and a polished concrete floor, is a burnished floor has the float machine stay a bit longer on the floor when it is first poured. A polished concrete floor has a machine sand the top layers off the floor once it is dry to expose the aggregate and polish the floor. Burnished concrete is less labour intensive as it does not require the separate sanding process, it produces less waste as it does not have layers sanded off and is cheaper than polished concrete.

Will cars wear out areas in the grass driveway?

It is too early to tell, but we expect there may be some wear on the grass from cars using the driveway. If it becomes too dramatic, we will fill the wear areas with bark chip, stone or something similar. The grid underneath provides stability, drainage and flexibility for whatever is laid on top.